Health iQ interviewed for report – ‘Why Pharma Needs to Get Serious about Data’

Health iQ interviewed for report – ‘Why Pharma Needs to Get Serious about Data’

Health iQ were interviewed for a recent FirstWord Dossier Report entitled “Evidence Matters – Why Pharma Needs to Get Serious about Data”.

Senior experts in real world evidence (RWE) from across the industry including Janssen, Lundbeck, UCB and MSD contributed to the comprehensive report which covers a wide range of topics including the growing role of evidence in pharma, the clinical and the commercial benefits of RWE generation, challenges to evidence building and the future of evidence in pharma including greater acceptance for RWE and adaptive pathways.

The report has a number of key insights around how companies are on the move towards data science, implications for organisational structure and culture and how clinical trial evidence is increasingly being combined with RWE.

Health iQ are regularly consulted for expert views in the areas of real world data, data science, machine learning and pharmaceutical market access including a contribution to a previous FirstWord Dossier Report entitled “Powering Commercial Effectiveness Through Big Data and Analytics” in September 2016 []

Health iQ CEO, Jilani Gulam, commented that:
"Pharma has always been serious about the significant role and potential of evidence in decision making. However the stakes are even higher now with the increasing need to demonstrate value to healthcare systems struggling to constrain costs. Success in the future lies in adopting data science techniques to take advantage of the explosion of data available and the trends suggest this will only continue".

Further information as well as the final report can be found at

Notes to editors

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Health iQ is a privately-owned company based in London specializing in insight into real world healthcare data based on an outstanding heritage of working in the NHS. It now works with more than half of the top 100 global Life Science firms.