Health iQ win again at PM Society Digital Awards

Health iQ win again at PM Society Digital Awards

Health iQ was successful for the second year running at the prestigious PM Society Digital Awards 2018; the biggest, dedicated, digital-focused awards scheme in the UK healthcare arena.

Health iQ were awarded silver in the much-coveted category of Market Access programmes, to add to their inaugural Inspiration Award last year. The prize was for their outstanding work with Bayer on Eylea® (aflibercept), a blockbuster drug for the treatment of macular degeneration, a common chronic eye condition that impairs vision. 

The Market Access category is designed to recognise work with digital tools that aim to improve access, demonstrate value or drive change. Health iQ developed an innovative animated simulation model designed to support ophthalmology centres to make the most of their capacity to treat patients. Bayer has since commissioned a global roll-out of the simulation to countries including France, Slovakia, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, Saudi Arabia and UK. 

Health iQ has a long-standing association with the Digital Awards with numerous wins and nominations. Health iQ's CEO, Jilani Gulam, commented: 

“I am especially proud to be recognised by industry two years running. This award is testament to the great work Bayer have done over the years and the great relationships we are fostering. ”

Notes to editors

Health iQ is a privately-owned company based in London specializing in insight into real world healthcare data based on an outstanding heritage of working in the NHS. It now works with more than half of the top 100 global Life Science firms.

Bayer is a global leader in specialty-focused innovative medicines that provide significant clinical benefit and value, primarily in the therapeutic areas of cardiology, oncology, gynaecology, haematology and ophthalmology.  

Eylea is a medicine used to treat adults with the ‘wet’ form of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a disease which affects the central part of the retina (called the macula) at the back of the eye via intravitreal injection (injection into the vitreous humour, the jelly-like fluid inside the eye). The wet form of AMD is caused by choroidal neovascularisation (the abnormal growth of blood vessels under the macula), which may leak fluid and blood and cause swelling;

The PM Society was established over 40 years ago as a not-for-profit organisation to serve the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and its service agencies and to promote excellence in healthcare communications. It currently has over 230 UK companies as members, including pharma and biotech companies on the industry side and PR, Advertising, Medical Communications, Digital and many other kinds of service company on the agency side.

The PM Society Digital Awards took place on 20th September 2018.