Engage NHS Hospitals about their revenue versus their costs of delivering care

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To engage NHS Hospitals around the costs of delivering healthcare?

To support Provider Trusts to find opportunities to maximise their revenue by examining their activity at a granular level?

Revenue Analyser is the perfect solution if you need robust, credible data to engage NHS Hospitals about their revenue and costs

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Revenue Analyser Report

NHS Provider Trusts face uncertainty around their revenue, particularly with proposed changes to how they will be reimbursed and how care will increasingly be delivered in out-of-hospital settings.

The need for Providers to understand their own costs of delivering healthcare has never been greater.

Health iQ has developed an interactive Revenue Analyser that takes data from both NHS Digital and NHS Improvement. It displays all inpatient activity by Trust and also by Healthcare Resource Groups (HRGs). HRGs are clinically meaningful classifications used to describe NHS hospital healthcare activity in England. They are used as consistent 'units of currency' for tariffs and costs and to support standardised commissioning.

The Revenue Analyser shows what activity has taken place under which HRGs and how each Trust has performed using NHS methodology for tariffs and costs. These costs and tariffs don't always balance out and some activity can potentially be loss-making. Trusts have to be aware of where the issues may lie and this is particularly important with the expected changes in secondary care ranging from HRG4+ and Patient Level Costing (PLICS) to best practice and multi-year tariffs.

Has the Trust made or lost money on those HRGs?

How does the Trust compare to others?

What are the trends? Where are the opportunities?

Should it switch focus to other activity or look to procure technologies or interventions that may support its profitability?

Health iQ's Revenue Analyser is designed to provide the prospect for Industry to engage with NHS Provider Trusts as partners and act as an invaluable guide enabling NHS leaders make sense of their activity, revenue, costs, trends and the possible opportunities.