RWE Observational Database Research

Health iQ's RWE-Powered Epidemiological & Pharmacoepidemiological Studies

Using observational RWE to deliver research studies with unrivalled comprehensiveness and speed

Health iQ are RWE specialists, accessing and interpreting RWE sources is fundamental to our business, not a buzzword we have attached to ourselves to look relevant. As such, we can offer confidence that research conducted with us will be with the most relevant and up-to-date data available, and we will offer comprehensive guidance on how best to utilise what is available to achieve the most accurate analysis.

Common research objectives include:

  • • Health resource utilisation (HRU)
  • • Disease incidence and prevalence
  • • Risk factors of a disease
  • • Treatment pathway mapping
  • • Impact of an intervention
  • • Common co-morbidity profiling
  • • Time-to-intervention analysis
Health iQ's RWE-Powered PASS Studies
Using observational RWE to deliver PASS with unrivalled comprehensiveness and speed.

Patient recruitment is a major obstacle to conducting PASS via prospective data collection. Our approach is to utilise our vast network of patient data sources, from which we can identify, track and analyse data on far more patients than a typical prospective study in a fraction of the time, and with a fraction of the complexity.

Our datasets include complete UK primary care coverage via CPRD, and we specialise in Oncology research through our unique access to a range of patient level datasets covering every aspect of the patient journey.

Health iQ's RWE-Powered Drug Utilisation Studies

Real-world up-to-date drug utilisation

Drug utilisation studies present the prescribing, usage and uptake of drugs in a given market, and the potential impact on the local health economy. They can form a key part of the Risk Management Plan (RMP) for a given product, hence having up-to-date and comprehensive data is critical.

Health iQ sources drug utilisation rom a range of data sources, both general such as CPRD and specific such as targeted disease registries. We make the process of conducting drug utilisation research quick and simple, whether you want a single cut of data or a regular report at pre-determined intervals.

Common requirements include:

  • • Patient profiling
  • • Indications prescribed
  • • Dosing regime
  • • Common co-morbidities
  • • Concomitant medication use
  • • Off-label usage
  • • Adherence, persistence and wastage
  • • Adoption rates