What we do

We are leaders in real world data and digital solutions for healthcare and life sciences, with a clear mission to transform patient outcomes through innovative data & technology solutions.

Our unique insight into real world data can help you:

  • uncover areas of interest or concern in a health economy
  • make cases for change
  • tackle inefficiencies and reduce costs
  • improve health outcomes for patients
  • engage with healthcare regulators, payers and clinicians
  • gain successful market access

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About Us


Unique Insight

We thrive on providing unique insight to overcome commercial challenges. Rather than simply providing data, our team takes the time to understand the specifics and construct solutions together that will lead to making robust cases for change and better outcomes for patients. Our heritage and experience is unique and our insight into real world data is second-to-none.


Heritage in healthcare informatics

Health iQ has been working with real world data in healthcare for well over a decade. Our heritage in healthcare informatics, commissioning and public health has led us to develop deep insight into real world data by repeatedly solving complex challenges with data in frontline healthcare scenarios.


Partners with healthcare & industry

We have since developed our understanding even further as preferred partners to a wide variety of firms in industry. We excel in using our real world data insight to support pharmaceutical and medical device market access alongside their partners in healthcare.

Digital Pioneers

Our digital experience is not merely an add-on. We were pioneers in how digital technology was being used in the NHS from online portals to dashboards to data collection tools to apps to animated simulation modelling. We continue today with unique innovations combining real world data and digital.

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What we do

We support the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry to support their customers (NHS commissioners, providers and public health bodies) with intelligence and insight based solutions to deliver the best possible care. We also support our customers to demonstrate the real world benefits of their products, both in economic and clinical outcome terms, establishing value and determining outcomes with robust, credible real world evidence.

How we do it

Our roots are in the healthcare industry and we speak the language of the NHS. We are fully up to speed with the changing landscape of commissioning. This enables us to provide clear, precise and insightful guidance to support you whether you need help with life cycle management or a product launch strategy.

More than just data providers

We offer genuine insight, backed by years of applying healthcare datasets to challenges in the real world. Our level of expertise with the likes of HES, QOF, PROMS, GPES, ePact and GP Practice systems is unmatched and we house an extensive data warehouse giving us direct access to this data.